Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Toddler meets D.C.

We are headed to D.C. for the weekend to hang out with Noah and explore the city!
Excitied? yes
Nervous? yes
More nervous than excited? yes

Why? A 6 hr drive by myself with a toddler in the back and of course the 6 hr drive home; staying in a hotel; no place to nap while out and about; and the list goes on...

Hopefully, I can chill out and have some fun. Hopefully, Wigwam will be in good spirits and flexible with her routine. In efforts to plan for a success, I just ran to the Dollar Tree and got new and exciting toys & snacks to bribe Wigwam with.
Ashamed? no

Our activities may (or may not) include:
National Zoo
Museum of Natural Science
The Mall
Capitol City Brewing Company

Anyone been to these places? Suggestions for taking a 2 year old to these or other places?
Think the Pres can handle a 2 year old?

In the words of Wigwam "LET'S DO THIS!"

*follow up post to come!*

1 comment:

  1. Hope it's more fun than crazy or maybe even crazy fun! Enjoy & call me on your way home if you want.