Friday, May 20, 2011

A Trip to feed the Quack Quacks

Our trip started by a plan to go release some energy and feed the ducks...

We were surprised with this visitor! She was not scared at all and came within 3 feet of us. We think she may have been pregnant, but then again I've never seen a pregnant deer so how would I know?

This guy must be huge! We could not see his full size or any of his shell because the water was so cloudy, but he's a big boy and UGLY.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Elephant Parts

This is my soft porn posting, so stop here for those that need warning, brave eyes....venture on.

First-to set the stage....the first animal we see at the zoo is the elephant, we have been at the zoo for 5 minutes and the elephant walks close to us and decides to go poop. Here I am talking about poop to Wigwam saying "He doesn't go poop in the potty, he goes poopy outside like the dog," etc. Which was pretty funny to start with.

Then Mr. Elephant decides to go pee, and he lets it all hang out. All. All. He pees about 15 gallons worth and then just keeps it hanging out. Did I mention that my inlaws are with me watching this whole thing?? Oh yea. And it continues. There. Hanging. Dangling. Until Mr. Elephant decides to get hard in front of us. Wow. Really? Yea. Inlaws right with me. What a moment. And of course I pulled out the camera because I knew that I had to blog about this event.
I'd like to say that the most memorable moment of going to the zoo to celebrate my daughter's 2nd birthday was the carousel ride or the seals swimming by, but let's be honest, how can you forget seeing this?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Zoo Highlights

Look at these cuties with their animal hats on at the zoo! These kids had a blast!

She loved the carousel ride!

Three cousins, my sister and I, and grandpops (who drove all the way from KY to come to the zoo)!

Polar bear, polar bear what do you hear? A screaming toddler in your ear?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crafts around the house

I've been pinning photos of crafty things I'd like to make. Some are not really suited for our house, but maybe our next house so I'm holding on to them for awhile.

Party ideas:
Yummy treats:

 Home goods:

And one I have completed! :

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy "Us" Day Noah!

Today is our 4 year anniversary, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Noah and I got married in Pawley's Island, SC at the Pelican Inn in 2007. It was such an awesome day, the rain held off, and lots of friends and family.

In a sense four years is not that long ago, but after two moves, new jobs, and Wigwam being born - we are not spring chickens anymore!

1st Anniversary we spent on Cape Cod
2nd Anniversary we went out to eat Mexican food, I was 8 days away from delievering Wigwam and we had just moved into our house.
3rd Anniversary we can't seem to remember--must be mommy block, but I'm sure there was Mexican food involved!
4th Anniversary we are taking off work 1/2 day (leaving Wigwam in school) and heading down to Morehead City to have lunch, check out the beach and relax!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Does something happen when you get old that you like to talk about strange body issues? Stop here if you want, this is your warning.

Case in point (1) my mother-in-law AND father-in-law describing a proctology exam to me. Here's how this one went down: we drive 2.5 hours to visit and are planning to stay for the weekend. We arrive around 8pm so we have to re-put Wigwam back to sleep and bring a carful of baby items inside. We sit on the couch to visit and relax and the procotology story starts. What??? Did I ask? Do i want you to continue, no. Are we close enough to even talk about this, no. Bizarre. So what do you do? I ended up leaving the room and going to take a shower. Advice??? And how do I keep this from happening again?

Case in point (2) my own mother comes to visit, Wigwam is napping inside and we are outside on the deck grilling burgers for lunch and have plans to eat on the porch. She sits down, plops off her shoes, points to her foot and says hey look at this, is it a corn? What??? I haven't seen you in months and within the first few minutes you are asking me about feet corn??? And how would I know, I have no medical training and no experience with feet corn. Gross. So I said, I'm not sure, you should google it and left to get a drink (that would be vodka starting ASAP).

Case in point (3) my mother-in-law has told me on several occasions that she has a yeast infection. What?? Let me say that the first time she told me this, Noah and I were just dating, yea I know, this should have been my clue. This is not a lady that I share secrets and ask questions of. We had not seen her for months and this is what I hear on a walk. I don't need to know! And what is the appropriate response to that?? How about go buy some medicine and tell your doctor? TMI, TMI.

My consclusion, your doctor, google and your best friend may be of help....I am none of these.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Girls

I went to visit a girlfriend who had twin girls this weekend and took some photos for her. They are so tiny! They are both around 5 lbs each. The exciting news of the story is that the couple was expecting twin boys...can you imagine??! and how do they get that wrong this day in age?

I'm not sure how you raise two babies and once, so I'll just say good luck and buy a shot gun....