Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Elephant Parts

This is my soft porn posting, so stop here for those that need warning, brave eyes....venture on.

First-to set the stage....the first animal we see at the zoo is the elephant, we have been at the zoo for 5 minutes and the elephant walks close to us and decides to go poop. Here I am talking about poop to Wigwam saying "He doesn't go poop in the potty, he goes poopy outside like the dog," etc. Which was pretty funny to start with.

Then Mr. Elephant decides to go pee, and he lets it all hang out. All. All. He pees about 15 gallons worth and then just keeps it hanging out. Did I mention that my inlaws are with me watching this whole thing?? Oh yea. And it continues. There. Hanging. Dangling. Until Mr. Elephant decides to get hard in front of us. Wow. Really? Yea. Inlaws right with me. What a moment. And of course I pulled out the camera because I knew that I had to blog about this event.
I'd like to say that the most memorable moment of going to the zoo to celebrate my daughter's 2nd birthday was the carousel ride or the seals swimming by, but let's be honest, how can you forget seeing this?


  1. HOLY CRAP! That's crazy. LOL. Did W ask about it?!

  2. Suz - luckily, no, she did not ask about it!! but in a few years i'm sure she will-yikes!