Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Fun things a two year old says:

·         “who made God?”
·         “it’s morning, The sun’s coming up, it’s loud”
·         “mommy, I save my growls for you”
·         Saying prayers at dinner, after 1st verse you whisper “this is my favorite part”
·         “I dream about candy”
·         Me: “you my girl”;  you: “no, you my girl”
·         Like to discipline Bobby (the dog),  “that’s not a good listener, okay?” “he needs to go to time out”
·         swinging outside you say “push me faster than the trees”!
·         “You want go wis me?"
·         G: “you not the mommy, I’m the mommy”
·         Me: “oh well, who am I then?”
·         G: “you the zookeeper”
·         Me: “yes, yes I am”
·         Tiger the pooh
·         Me: “are you going to have a brother or sister”
·         G: “brother Sammuel”

did you catch that last one? yup. it's true! ETA Sept. 2012
Brother or sister to be determined next month :)

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