Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pocahontas Camping

Camping if FUN! smores, outdoor cooking, brews, being one with nature, crickets chirping as you fall asleep.

I highly recommend this place. It is located near Richmond, has a good playground, electricily (hello fan!) and an awesome waterpark!

except when....
it's 92 degree, you have poison ivy, a hurrican has just come through and a 2 year old who missed her nap.
Which is why we cut our stay short and came back to the air conditioning.

I hope to come back and make this place work for us.

We did have some fun:
-Wigwam using her potty in the back of the truck.
-Wigwam going down the big slide at the waterpark, making that other toddler look like a sissy! ha
-New way to cook eggs-slice a green pepper ring and crack the egg into the center
-Sixletts for Noah
-Marshmellows for all
-Wigwam taking a shower with me and yelling "mommy, nakid nuddie"
-Maymont park visitng the animals
-Moe's for dinner

And some not fun:
-Wigwam refusing to nap in the tent
-Wigwam melting down at the waterpark due to no nap
-Wigwam melting down at the campsite
-Wigwam melting down because I ate a bite of the ice cream we were sharing
-Me melting down because Wigwam is melting down
-Noah melting down because it's 95 degrees and he is packing the truck as soon as possible

Maybe we'll try the back yard next time.

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