Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About Me

And there I am! Nice photo, huh? and now you know....I'm a nerd!

First and foremost, I'm a child of God! (can I get a 'Tabernacle' anyone?)
Second, I'm a wife! I'll call husband Noah (that's right, from the movie "The Notebook" grrrrrr)
Third, I'm a mom, Wigwam is my precious baby girl, 22 months and sprouting.
Fourth, I'm a workin girl (holla), environmental engineer (yea, nerd, I told you).
I've been a member of the girl scouts and Chi Omega, the two largest womens organizations...which makes me feel pretty all-American.

Basically....I'm trying to do it ALL....and probably not very well, but I keep trying with prayer, patience and Corona we take it day by day.

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