Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh the places you've been..

...and there it is! Pretty impressive I think. Although I'm not sure about Wisconsin and Arakansas, how could I have missed them? note: ask sister to verify

You'd think I think to travel, but really I grew up with some DRAMA (or at least I label it as that now that I'm an adult, at the time I'm sure I thought it was pretty normal). I went to 9 different schools in 4 states to complete grade school.

That's a lot of movin folks. It's never easy starting a new school, I remember being really nervous. But I must say that it always worked out, some cute girl always befriended me and I managed to fit right in. Of course there was picking on the way I talked (picture SC moving to SD!), but I took it as a compliment.


  1. Gracious, you've been a lot of places!

  2. You've almost crossed every state off your map! Very cool!