Thursday, March 31, 2011

In need of a Vacation

I need a vacation, and who doesn't these days? A little break from the routine.

I must say the time change has helped me perk up and get some energy....but still we need a kickoff from winter hibernation. That kickoff is called CHARLESTON! That's right, I'm goin.

The original plan was to head there for the Bridge Run, but I decided that I don't like training for a 10K when it's freezing cold outside and also it's nearly impossible to get 5 minutes alone in the morning to get for work much less find 30 minutes to an hour to go running. That's ok, I just want some fun.....pool time, sun, shops, food, and of course photo ops.

So our plan is to walk around, eat yummy food, play in the parks and have no plan for once!

Basically I've been getting ready for this trip all week. In addition to the clothes, stuff and toddler snacks that need to be packed I was trying to plan a few outfits for Wigwams photo shoots--not quite so easy, we have not gotten her any summer shoes yet or many summer clothes at all. This could be interesting. My preparation so far have included sewing a slip for one dress and hemming another on my lunch break- yes really. I just hope she's in a good mood that day!

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  1. Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to see those photos when y'all get back!