Friday, April 1, 2011


I'd like to steal a quote from one of my coworkers regarding grandparents, "you can't tell them shit, they know everything."

Well, it's true. These people who used to be our parents seem to be confused that they make the decisions regarding your child as well. My advice - stop this thought pattern/assumption early on or you will fight it for the rest of your existence.

I often repeat a quote that my friend (and experience mom) told me right after Wigwam was born...."You are her mother and you know what's best."  EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!

I had this (skewed) image of how wonderful grandparents were going to be:
-came to visit and brought wonderful gifts
-babysat while mom & dad went on a date or vacation
-came over to your house to help out because they understand how hard it is to balance a little one and work and a house.....this may include cooking, dusting, vacuuming, ironing and laundry...just because they want to help.

So now comes reality....none of the (three sets) grandparents do all three of these things. And they rarely do any of these things.

To say i'm bitter about this would be accurate. But why shouldn't i expect these people who are supposed to love us more than anyone else in the world, them to want to help? I think that grandparents are not entitled to all the fun without pitching in.

For those who do have these types of grandparents, please let this be a reminder that they are a blessing and not everyone has this!

As for me, I'm posting signs for some adoptive grandparents!

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