Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter my Favorite holiday!! No pressure with the gift thing or getting together with crazy family.
Just us. Just US.

And what's not to like about pastel easter egg trees, starburst jelly beans, church outside on the waterfront, new dresses, hair bows, and shoes?

We got the eggs out early and decided to have some practice hunts around the house this weekend to make sure Wigwam knows what to do come the big day!

Noah and I already bought (and split) a bag of Starburst jelly beans...which is actually quite an accomplishment in our house considering that we have to sneak away and eat them or else Wigwam thinks she wants some.

Our church usually holds church outside at the park overlooking the water for Easter. Assuming the weather is nice, it's awesome!! Thousands of people singing, little kids running around and swinging on the playground, so refreshing.

I bought Wigwam's Easter dress on Zulily this year, a white smocked gown with light pink flowers. It's so pretty. Her first smocked dress (dad despises).

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