Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Ideas

when I was little I used to say "mommy, how'd you get so smart" and she would alsways say "because I went to college." ALWAYS...not matter how simple the task, brainwashing from a young age is effective.

so since I went to college, thought I'd share some of my "smart" ideas around the house!

Learning your colors:
Pick up these free color paint sample cards and tie them together to help teach your little one her colors.

Dripping bibs:
We installed two hooks on the side of our cabinet to hang bibs to dry after being risnsed out. They were missing the sink and I was tired of wiping the counter so I moved a plant here and now he gets watered every so often.
Finger Painting:
Noah made this awesome cover for Wigwams sand/water table to keep the leaves and bugs out. I squirted a bunch of paint right on the lid and let Wigwam paint outside.....just spray with the hose to clean up (and strip the clothes off your kid before letting back inside).

Adding fruits and veggies anywhere you can:
-I like to make the Martha White ($0.90 bag) muffins in the mornings, add a banana to the mix, easy and adds real nutrients.
-Add veggies to sphagetti sauce (carrots & peppers & mushrooms).
-Add zuchini to pancakes (shredded).
-I would like to do this idea, but I don't have a juicer.....make you own veggie juice and keep it on hand in a milk jug in the fridge, add it to everything you cook, even a little bit will is good. Think pizza sauce, soups and casseroles.
-Add fresh veggies to a frozen cheese pizza, sneak em in wherever you can!


  1. Check out Deceptively Delicious for good recipes that secretly add fruits and veggies-- I'm a picky eater and use the recipes to get extra nutrients into my diet!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing....i'll definetly check it out!