Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Acts of Kindness

This month two kind acts have really touched me.
Mostly because they were so unexpected, but also because it's wasn't a holiday/birthday/etc.

The first is was dinner and drinks down in Charleston. I was enjoying the evening with some lovely ladies that I barely knew. One of the girls mom & dad showed up to hang out too and they were really fun parents! They ended up paying for everyone's dinner & drinks. It was such a nice and unexpected gesture from people I had only known for an hour or so. I think this young lady has some really wonderful parents that want to hang out and get to know her friends- you are blessed! Thanks for showering me with some of those blessings a few weeks ago. I hope that I can become such a fun parent.

The second was when I got home last night to a package on the front door step. I knew it was from Dad, but wasn't sure what was inside. I opened the box to find a full set of kitchen knives, steak knives, scissors and butcher block! I'll just say that you had no idea how happy some knives made me! To shortly recap our house was down to 1 steak knife, 1 parring knife and 1 chopper. After Noah & I trading the steak knife back and forth at dinner we were thinking that it was getting a bit silly. Talk about perfect timing and a joyful heart.

Happy April!

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