Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Websites that get me through

Today I'm sharing the websites that help make life a little easier!
I live in a town of about 30K people so access to nice stores is very limited and we have to do a lot of online shopping.

Harris Teeter - online shopping, every working mom's perk

Zulily - great prices on special occasion clothing

VistaPrint - birthday party invitations

Oriental Trading - cheap craft project for the little one

Pandora - how i love thee for reading my mind and setting my mood right

Crazy8 & Gymboree - clothes with $5 flat rate shipping

Kobo - online book buying

Etsy - for great gifts that I wish I had time to make myself

Running Map - map any distance route for a jog

I guess I should also mention a few things I have not had luck with buying online:
shoes - don't do it
some of the high end childrens clothing is vanity big! will be fine for next year, but do we really need vanity sizing in childrens clothing (um, no)


  1. i listen to pandora all the time--such an ingenious invention!

  2. My momma coworkers are obsessed with Zulilly. They fought over who I'd sign up under. Haven't bought anything yet but did you see the precious owl photo album today?!