Monday, March 28, 2011

What's Cookin'? Cold Veggie Pizza

As the first of recipie posts, you must know that I have a trait that drives Noah crazy....I don't follow recipies. I use them as a starting place and then do what I want. Sometimes it's awesome (and can't be repeated) and sometimes we'll call them learning experiences.

1 pkg crossants
1 pkg cream cheese (i used the fat free kind)
1 pkt dry ranch dressing mix
any veggies you want (I used broccli, carrots, onion, green pepper, roma tomatoe)
***see? i don't know what the quantities are here, I just chop and if I need more I add more.
2 c cheese

press the crossants together to make the crust, bake according to pkg. let cool. mix the cream cheese with the ranch packett and spread thinly on the crust. chop your veggies and add them. sprinkle with cheese. viola!

Cut with pizza cutter and serve! I really liked this, however Noah did not, he says it tastes too healthy. Verdict: too much trouble if the whole family doesn't like, although I think it would be goo to take to a shower.

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