Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Painting and Poop

i've been on a blogging vacation-why, you ask?
painting and poop

Wigwam got a stomach bug that started with puking for 12 hours and ended with 48 hours of diarrhea. lovely, eh? yea, no fun for mom & dad either. luckily we didn't catch it, but we did have it all over us. didn't know it could be so bad. wow. six load of laundry. countless baths. it. never. ended.

but we're better now! so we started painting.

did i mention that this year we have already power washed the whole house, shed & driveway, stained the deck, painted all the railings (four sides), and spray painted the patio furniture?

so-the painting continues.
we are painting Wigwam's ceiling and trim work. geesh, have you ever painted a popcorn (i hate) ceiling? we've been at it for 2 nights and still not finished. ready to be done, put furniture back, and watch a reality tv show.

i must say that painting is so gratifying though, immediate pay back. the ceiling is so bright and clean. i have white knuckles.

hmmm, did i mention that i bought some new kitchen chairs (slightly used) that need painting also?

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  1. Holy crap y'all are quite the cleanup crew & painters. Would love to see photos of the kiddo & your painting projects. :)