Thursday, March 31, 2011

In need of a Vacation

I need a vacation, and who doesn't these days? A little break from the routine.

I must say the time change has helped me perk up and get some energy....but still we need a kickoff from winter hibernation. That kickoff is called CHARLESTON! That's right, I'm goin.

The original plan was to head there for the Bridge Run, but I decided that I don't like training for a 10K when it's freezing cold outside and also it's nearly impossible to get 5 minutes alone in the morning to get for work much less find 30 minutes to an hour to go running. That's ok, I just want some fun.....pool time, sun, shops, food, and of course photo ops.

So our plan is to walk around, eat yummy food, play in the parks and have no plan for once!

Basically I've been getting ready for this trip all week. In addition to the clothes, stuff and toddler snacks that need to be packed I was trying to plan a few outfits for Wigwams photo shoots--not quite so easy, we have not gotten her any summer shoes yet or many summer clothes at all. This could be interesting. My preparation so far have included sewing a slip for one dress and hemming another on my lunch break- yes really. I just hope she's in a good mood that day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Amy Butler Dress

I'm a sewer. It's a true love-hate relationship between me and my sewing machine. Usually I want to throw it out the window.

I saw this Amy Butler fabric and fell in love. A dress (what else?) was destine for Wigwam in this fabric.


 It has taken me way too long to make it and way too many headaches. I'm not sure why this one was such a better fit.

What's Cookin'? Cold Veggie Pizza

As the first of recipie posts, you must know that I have a trait that drives Noah crazy....I don't follow recipies. I use them as a starting place and then do what I want. Sometimes it's awesome (and can't be repeated) and sometimes we'll call them learning experiences.

1 pkg crossants
1 pkg cream cheese (i used the fat free kind)
1 pkt dry ranch dressing mix
any veggies you want (I used broccli, carrots, onion, green pepper, roma tomatoe)
***see? i don't know what the quantities are here, I just chop and if I need more I add more.
2 c cheese

press the crossants together to make the crust, bake according to pkg. let cool. mix the cream cheese with the ranch packett and spread thinly on the crust. chop your veggies and add them. sprinkle with cheese. viola!

Cut with pizza cutter and serve! I really liked this, however Noah did not, he says it tastes too healthy. Verdict: too much trouble if the whole family doesn't like, although I think it would be goo to take to a shower.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh the places you've been..

...and there it is! Pretty impressive I think. Although I'm not sure about Wisconsin and Arakansas, how could I have missed them? note: ask sister to verify

You'd think I think to travel, but really I grew up with some DRAMA (or at least I label it as that now that I'm an adult, at the time I'm sure I thought it was pretty normal). I went to 9 different schools in 4 states to complete grade school.

That's a lot of movin folks. It's never easy starting a new school, I remember being really nervous. But I must say that it always worked out, some cute girl always befriended me and I managed to fit right in. Of course there was picking on the way I talked (picture SC moving to SD!), but I took it as a compliment.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earth Hour

Here's a tradition at our house, Earth Hour. Have you heard of it?

The first year we did Earth Hour was in 2007, the first 10 minutes of "going dark" was kind of boring and I thought how are we going to manage for an hour? Then we started playing cards by candle light and drinking a bit, and the time really flew by. I like this idea, its good to conserve and also just be reminded of how privledged we are to live with electricity on demand.

What are other things you do to conserve?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About Wigwam

and here she is, yes

a, yes

Think she's cute?.....yea, she does too, little stinker. 

Wigwam, you melt my heart and wear me out like no other.

About Me

And there I am! Nice photo, huh? and now you know....I'm a nerd!

First and foremost, I'm a child of God! (can I get a 'Tabernacle' anyone?)
Second, I'm a wife! I'll call husband Noah (that's right, from the movie "The Notebook" grrrrrr)
Third, I'm a mom, Wigwam is my precious baby girl, 22 months and sprouting.
Fourth, I'm a workin girl (holla), environmental engineer (yea, nerd, I told you).
I've been a member of the girl scouts and Chi Omega, the two largest womens organizations...which makes me feel pretty all-American.

Basically....I'm trying to do it ALL....and probably not very well, but I keep trying with prayer, patience and Corona we take it day by day.

Hello Blog

well, this is my first time here, YEA! i made it! actually feeling a little behind the technology curve, but better late than never, right?!

so...why am i here? mostly for me to journal my thoughts and become a part of the blogging world as a contributor not just reader. i hope this is a place i can say anything i want.....vent, share excitement, just be honest. Cause lets face it my husband doesn't need (or want!) to hear every thought or worry that goes through my head.....heck, even my best girlfriend doesn't need to hear all that either. and because I probably post too much on facebook.

i don't claim to be a good writer or have good sentence structure, like i said, this is for me!